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Vintage ~ May 2011

Lately, I've been really interested in playing with vintage tones and textures.  It is fun to play around with all of the various options in Photoshop, but at some point I've got to decide on a set that I like best.  It is so difficult because so many colors and tones are appealing.  So far, this is my favorite. What do you think?


April 2010 ~ ATLANTA


September 2009

Well, since I never get an opportunity to edit all my personal pictures from the amazing trips I've taken this year, I've decided to post some random things that make my heart happy. 

Hope you enjoy this as much as I do!



Asheville Urban Photo Safari
May 2009


When we have a bit of free time, my husband and I like to venture out what we call an 'urban photo safari.'  I enjoy these impromptu shooting adventures because I never know what we're going to see.  And because it is unplanned-untimed-unscripted, I find myself seeing things I wouldn't see otherwise.  It's a great way to charge up my creativity...and a fun way to become more present with  my surroundings.

My favorite shot of the day - a bunch of graffiti near Chicken Alley in downtown Asheville:


Where's Waldo?  Do you see my handsome husband?  This is the same window as above - just a slight shift in perspective.  He loves shooting graffiti and I love shooting him!




London ~ February 2009

Sometimes when I'm on vacation, I prefer to carry a tiny lightweight camera.  When used properly, point and shoot cameras can do a pretty decent job!  The pictures below were taken with a Canon SD790 point and shoot.

I like this camera's ability to shoot in low light and its amazing portability.  However, it doesn't provide the option to shoot in RAW, like my previous point-and-shoot, a Canon S70.  The S70 also allowed flash compensation, which I haven't been able to find on the SD790. Despite these limitations, I find the SD790 still takes great pictures.

It was cold and gray for this winter trip - high afternoon temperatures were in the 30s!  I caught a bad cold while I was there, but I still managed to get out every day and explore!


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